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Lisa Beye

Lisa Beye, about 17 hours ago

Students in Comparative Anatomy visited the Sedgwick County Zoo. We are studying mammals so each student selected a different mammal to research. We are going to design new exhibits for the animals and develop enrichment activities for them. view image

Lisa Beye

Lisa Beye, about 21 hours ago

Congratulations to the 7th grade girls, 7th grade boys and 8th grade boys on their 1st place finishes at the Herington Track Meet April 18th. Good job HMS Railers!!

Lisa Beye

Lisa Beye, 1 day ago

Thank you to the 8th grade class for cleaning the park for the town Egg Hunt this weekend. view image

Lisa Beye

Lisa Beye, 2 days ago

Junior High Track Meet Schedule for April 18th 4:00 pm 7G Shot put followed by 8G Shot 8G Discus followed by 7G Discus 8B Shot followed by 7B Shot 7B Discus followed by 8B Discus 7B High Jump followed by 8B, 7G, 8G 8B Long Jump followed by 7B 8G Long Jump followed by 7G 7G Triple Jump followed by 8G, 7B, 8B 7B, 8B Pole Vault followed by 7G, 8G 4:30 pm 3200m run, 8G followed by 8B (Note: If there are a few entries the girls and boys will be combined). 1600m run (7th grade only) 200m hurdles( 5 flights, 30” tall) Remainder of running events will be in this order: 7G, 8G, 7B, 8B 5:30 pm 100m hurdles (girls @ 30”, boys @ 33”) 100m dash 1600m run (8th grade only) 4 x 100m relay 400m dash 4 X 200m relay 800m run 200m dash Medley relay

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