Herington High School is committed to giving your child every opportunity to succeed. We have established Career Pathways to introduce each student to a career or careers of their choice. So what is a Pathway?

A pathway is a plan of study individualized for each student according to their interests. There are sets of classes to be taken in order to prepare them for education beyond high school or gain employment after graduation. Each pathway begins with introductory classes to present the student information pertaining to a career. Technical classes are more focused and intended to prepare the student for the on-the-job type training. Application level classes are the final classes and are only taken in the junior/senior years. They are hands-on classes and will require students to be responsible learners as they may go in to the workforce.

The benefits for students completing his/her pathway are numerous. We have partnered with colleges to allow our classes to replace the entry level classes that are required at the college. Most pathways offer certifications so the student will graduate high school prepared to enter the workforce.

What are the pathways at Herington High School?
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4 year plan of Study