Herington Unified School District #487
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19 North Broadway
Herington, Kansas 67449-2430

Our primary mission is with our children and youth, but we must all be students.

Donalyn Biehler, Superintendent

Dear Herington Schools Parents,

This is a letter to inform students and parents, who do not have a regular, fixed and adequate residence, of federal and state guidelines that will insure their students receive appropriate services.

Students who are homeless are eligible for Title I services, if they demonstrate the same educational needs as the other students selected to participate.

Students who are homeless do not need to have standardized test scores to enter the Title I program. Teacher referral, criterion-referenced tests, reading or math placement assessments or other quick assessments may be used to determine academic need and placement into the Title Program.

Title I funds can be used to place tutors in homeless shelters, including shelters for victims of domestic violence, youth emergencies, unwed mothers and families and children. Pre school students may also be served.

Students enrolling for the first time in a Kansas school without proof of proper immunizations may sign a written statement that such tests or inoculations are in the process of being completed within 90 days. County health departments must provide appropriate inoculations to children whose families are unable to afford them.

Students may receive records from previous districts even though they have failed to return or pay for school property. Parents or guardians may provide an affidavit that they are unable to return or to pay for school property lost or destroyed and receive their records.

Students may have an interim individualized educational program developed if the current IEP is not available or more information is needed to determine appropriate placement. Any exceptional child who transfers from one local educational agency program to another shall be placed in the special education service program which appears to be most suited to the student’s needs.

If you have further questions about these guidelines please contact the district superintendent at 785-258-2263.