Where it is determined that students participated in bullying behavior in violation of teh policy,  the school districts staff responsible for maintaining order and discipline may take officials for possible legal actions. 

Employees found to have participated in bullying behavior, or having become aware that bullying was taking place and failed to report the behavior, are considered to be in violation of the prohibition expressed by the policy.  They may be subject to disciplinary action consistent with the collective bargaining agreement or disciplinary action established by policy or practice. 


Students in Herington schools are depending on the adults in their lives to ensure a safe, supportive learning environment in which they can thrive and reach their full potential. The information provided in this document is designed to assist administrators, counselors, teachers, parents and students in recognizing and implementing effective bullying policies that meet the local need.

Policy needs to be communicated regularly to students, parents, teachers and others.  Rules against bullying need to be enforced consistently.

Parents need to be educated about bullying, and they need to be involved in prevention efforts.  The school climate must discourage bullying behaviors.