Health Science Pathway

Herington High School offers the Health Science Pathway to prepare students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the health care industry by partnering with the higher education organizations, health care industry, community members, and professional organizations.

Career Ready Kansas

This pathway is intended for the students interested in obtaining a career in the health care profession (ex.: nurse, physician, dental hygienist, veterinarian, and more). Students must posses leadership skills and willingness for personal growth as we encourage students to join and take part in the organization Health Occupations Students of American (HOSA).

We have partnered with Cloud County Community College to offer the Certified Nurses Assistant certification to be taken as part of the Health Science 3 class. There will be no charge for tuition (SB150) however students are responsible for other fees (textbook, test fee, other).

This pathway will prepare students to enter the workforce ready to participate as leaders in a broad range of careers and further their education.

The classes for this pathway are below. They are designed to build on each other and should be taken in the order specified.

Health Science 1

Grade 9-10 Elective

Exploration of Health Care Occupations courses expose students to the variety of opportunities available within the health care industry (e.g.., such as nursing, therapy, dental care, administrative services, and lab technology). These courses provide experiences in several of these occupational clusters, along with information and knowledge related to the health care industry as a whole.

Anatomy and Physiology/Human Body Systems

Grades 10-11 Elective- Prerequisite- Biology

Anatomy and Physiology courses present the human body and biological systems in more detail. In order to understand the structure of the human body and its functions, students learn anatomical terminology, study cells and tissues, explore functional systems (skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, nervous, and so on), and may dissect mammals.

Health Science 3

Grade 12 Elective Prerequisite- Health Science 1 and Anatomy and Physiology/Human Body Systems

This course content will provide students with work experience in the five career pathways. Goals are typically set cooperatively by the student, parents, teachers and employers. The course will include classroom activities involving research of the various careers in the health profession and one rotation within each of the five pathways for the Health Science Education cluster. The rotational clinical/shadowing experience for students may occur at a variety of settings (i.e.., dentist office, Therapeutic; occupational therapy, diagnostic; social worker, Health Informatics; interpreter.)

College Agreement: Cloud County

A student completing this pathway and attending Cloud County Community College will receive a scholarship for Anatomy & Physiology I SC120 (4 credits hours).

For more information please visit with the high school counselor.