District plan for bully intervention: USD487 has developed a district bullying plan consisting of three components: Administrative, Counseling, and Educational.  All interventions listed are preK-12 unless indicated otherwise

USD487 District Plan:


1. Girls and Boys town discipline model.

2. Sequence of consequences relating to the outcomes of bullying as established in the student handbook.


1. Girls and boys town social skills model

2. Individualized Counseling

3. Small counseling groups focusing on bullying behaviors, victims of bullying and /or bystanders

4, Classroom guidance (PreK-8)


1.Rachel's Challenge school wide program promoting acts of kindness (grades 6-12)

2. Life skills instruction on building positive relationships (friendships, Dating, etc. (6-12_ 

3. Identifying Positive behaviors and encouraging students.

4. Character Education

5. Motivational speakers regarding encouraging a positive school environment and healthy relationships.

6. Providing educational resources for faculty awareness (inservice, materials, websites, etc.)

Areas where bullying incidents commonly occur

1. Busing

2. Restrooms

3. Cafeteria (lunchtime)

4. Classroom

6. Parking Lot

7. Playground


Programs designed to prevent bullying behavior redirect students from continuing to bully and to support both victims of bullies and bullies themselves should be explored.  These programs take many forms and include classroom activities and instruction.