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DeAn Knopp

DeAn Knopp, about 9 hours ago

Mrs. Koehn’s class learns how weight affects an object’s ability to float. Students filled plastic hearts with candy hearts and counted how many hearts it took to make the plastic heart sink. view image

Lisa Beye

Lisa Beye, about 16 hours ago

Come support Herington High School CTSO’s view image

Nick Morgan

Nick Morgan, 2 days ago

HES students in the KRR/LIFE program celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with a delicious and special cake from Sweet Creations on Monday evening (3/18/19)! view image

Lisa Beye

Lisa Beye, 3 days ago

Any idea what Principles of Biomedical students are up to this morning? We are working on chromosome splats from HeLa cells.  For those of you who don’t know the story, these are Henrietta Lacks cells that are still being used from 1951. We are on the first leg of our journey in this lab.  The higher we “splat” from, the better the chances of breaking the cell membrane and releasing the chromosomes.  Tomorrow we will stain, seal and view the chromosomes.    Wish us luck! view image

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