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Donalyn Biehler

Donalyn Biehler, about 13 hours ago

Work has officially begun on the HHS update/remodel!!  Over the course of the next couple of weeks, asbestos abatement will begin.  This is a carefully monitored process involving several agencies.  During this process, stakeholders may notice workers wearing protective equipment entering and exiting the High School building.  While their appearance can be disconcerting, the precautions taken ensure that there is no danger to occupants of the building outside the immediate work area.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to make our High School a more updated and beautiful place!

Matt Fox

Matt Fox, 5 days ago

On Wednesday, May 22nd, there will be a meeting for all High School football players at 5pm, and then a player and parent meeting at 6pm. These meetings will be held in the Elementary Cafeteria

Lisa Beye

Lisa Beye, 6 days ago

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Nick Morgan

Nick Morgan, 7 days ago

HES students and families had fun at the color run sponsored by the incredible HES PTO! A special thanks to that group for all their support this year as well as the HMS/HHS students that helped out for this event! #growinglearners view image

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