Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Total Requirements 24.5
Language Arts 4.5
Speech (.5)-- required elective to be taken before graduation
English I English II English III Elective
Math 3.0 Algebra I Algebra II or Geometry Algebra II or Geometry Optional Elective
Science 3.0 Physical Science Biology Required Elective Optional Electives
Fine Arts 1.0 Elective Option Elective Option Elective Option Elective Option
PE 1.0 Freshman PE
Social Science 3.5 Intro to LPSS World History American History American Government & Social Science Elective
Freshmen Requirement .5 Business Essentials
Other Required Course 0.5 Personal Finance Personal Finance
Community Service Requirement 40 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours

QUALIFIED ADMISSIONS CURRICULUM: If you are a 4 year college bound student, you will want to take the qualified admissions curriculum. Schools included: ESU, FHSU, KSU, PSU, WSU. KU has their own requirements. Qualified Admission curriculum are the same as our graduation requirements with the following additions:

  1. Senior English and/or College Comp I/II
  2. Math: Algebra I, II, Geometry, and a fourth credit of math OR 3 credits with a 22 or higher on the math portion of the ACT.
  3. Science: General Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

KANSAS REGENTS SCHOLARS CURRICULUM also called Kansas Board of Regents:

Kansas Board of Regents Requirements must be met in order to qualify for Valedictorian or Salutatorian, as well as to be considered a Kansas Regents Scholar.

Requirements for Kansas Regents are the same as Qualified Admissions with the following additions:

  1. Physics-- senior year. Physics has to be completed to be considered for Kansas Regents requirements.
  2. Advanced Mathematics and/or Calculus
  3. Two years of one Foreign Language