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DeAn Knopp

DeAn Knopp, 2 days ago

This week, first graders in Ms. Fegan's class have been reading stories about how their bodies can move. So on Friday, they got up and moving during reading! First they did a write the room activity where they found pictures around the room and identified the beginning blend that matched. Then they warmed up their bodies and brains with a GoNoodle activity. Finally, they wrote about ways their bodies can move. Activities that were chosen included running, swimming, and dancing. #beingallwecanbe view image

Chris Trapp

Chris Trapp, 2 days ago

This is to inform parents that the Herington high school homecoming ceremony will take place at 6:30 tonight at the Herington football field.

Gregg Hackerott

Gregg Hackerott, 3 days ago

Homecoming coronation will take place at 6:30 tomorrow night before the game due to cold weather conditions. The homecoming parade will be at 2:00 pm tomorrow downtown. There will be a mini parade at the schools for the middle and grade schools. Go Railers!

DeAn Knopp

DeAn Knopp, 3 days ago

Fourth graders are studying states and capitals! #beingallwecanbe view image

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