November 13th 2018 - Jeff Yalden
November 13th 2018 - Jeff Yalden
Chris Trapp
Friday, November 09, 2018

Jeff Yalden - Motivational Speaker

The Middle and High School is pleased to welcome Jeff Yalden to our community on November

13th, 2018. We discovered Jeff Yalden when we searched for a relevant motivational speaker who caters his

message to schools’ themes and programs. His specialties include speaking on and training suicide prevention, raising awareness regarding mental health issues, and providing coping mechanisms for crisis situations.

We chose Jeff Yalden as a presenter because he very obviously has a way with young people; he relates to them and many of his testimonials support that. For many students, Jeff’s presentations elicit a “defining moment” - opening them up to a lasting sense of purpose while building on a foundation of authenticity, self-acceptance, and healthy decision-making.

Students value how Jeff is transparent and genuine in his talks. They appreciate how he shares his personal life, his struggles, and his victories. He is consistently approached by students after his talks: students who want to say thank you, students who want to take pictures, and students who want to share private information with him. No matter how many counselors or

support staff schools possess, sometimes students feel more comfortable sharing painful, personal information with a stranger. More than once, Jeff Yalden has assisted a troubled teen deal with a situation that he or she should not have to endure.